Welcome Speech

Sekolah Harapan Prestasi

Sekolah Harapan Prestasi, founded in 2010, offers a unique opportunity to students of all nationalities — a truly international curriculum delivered by a first-rate faculty in the context of Indonesia’s vibrant culture and context.

The school is founded on traditions and strong foundations. Our mission is to provide a challenging and enriching international education for children aged 6–12 years in a caring community. Our school provides a wide range of activities and opportunities designed to challenge and extend the children’s thinking and life experience. We are a school which strives for excellence, encouraging our students to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives and in whatever areas of interest they wish to pursue.

Jakarta is a cosmopolitan and thriving city and our students take full advantage of the city and the region as a classroom, participating actively in its vibrant historical, artistic, and cultural venues. At the threshold of Asia, we introduce our students to the background and experiences that will create the international citizens of tomorrow.

Sekolah Harapan Prestasi offers more than an education; we are a family where your child will thrive in every respect and develop as a valued member of our community. These web pages can only give you a glimpse of the quality education, the friendly and positive atmosphere, and the activities that are part of everyday life here at the school. You are warmly invited to visit us to appreciate our community.

Head of Kasih Kibar Kreasi Indonesia Foundation,

Iffan Darmawan