Virtual Ceremony of 76th Indonesia Independence Day Celebration 2021

All students, teachers, and staff of the Harapan Prestasi Elementary School, have held a Virtual Ceremony to Commemorate the 76th Indonesian Independence Day from their respective homes on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.
This activity aims to grow and maintain a sense of love for the homeland and to be grateful for the blessings of independence obtained by the Indonesian people.

In his mandate, the Principal, Gunawan, M.Pd. conveyed a brief history of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia followed by explaining the meaning of independence for the Indonesian people, which means:

  • Free from invaders
  • Freed from ignorance and bondage
  • Currently free from negative influences from foreign cultures and free from Covid-19.

Furthermore, the meaning of independence for students can be interpreted as:

  • Freedom in learning (free to learn anything, with any media, and in any way), no longer bound by a rigid and boring method.
  • Freedom to determine the future. Hang your dreams high in the sky, express your talents and interests as much as possible and strive to achieve them with all your might and efforts.

In his mandate, the Principal also advised that independence and freedom of expression as a nation should not be carried out too much, but must be guarded with good morals and behavior, which does not forget Indonesian etiquette and religious norms. learn to improve themselves both intellectually and spiritually, so that students are formed to become fully human and ready to compete nationally and globally and ultimately bring pride to themselves, their parents, family, religion, nation and state. pray and worship according to their respective beliefs, obey their parents and teachers so that their lives grow and develop optimally and directed. Full

Virtual Ceremony Link: here